1. Metro District or HOA?

  2. Is our community governed by a Metro District or an HOA? Are they the same thing? What’s the difference? These are all questions that I had when I bought my first home (In Tollgate Crossing!) No one took the time to adequately explain the difference when I moved in. I was surprised to learn that they both assessed ‘fees’, and I couldn’t figure out which one did what. Hopefully the information below will help you/any new residents to our community.

  3. A Metropolitan District is a quasi-municipal governmental entity organized under Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes. Essentially, this is a way for communities or developers to establish a local government for the mutual benefit of the property owners and residents for the purpose of financing, constructing, operating and maintaining various public improvements, such as streets, parks, and water and sewer improvements, among others. A large portion of our property taxes go to the Metro District (to help pay off bonds/and or Metro District operating costs). For more information, see this website: <!faq/c1stk>

  4. A Metro District differs from a Home Owner’s Association, which is a private entity established under Title 38 of the Colorado Revised Statutes. HOAs provide a system of local control (by establishing responsibilities and regulations) within the community, so that each individual property is maintained to a standard that helps the community as a whole retain its character, charm, and property values. Tollgate Crossing HOA also provides community trash service. For more information: <>

    1. What is the Metro District in charge of?

    2. An excellent question. New residents may be confused or uninformed about the differences between the Metro District and the HOA. Here’s a list of things that the Metro District is in charge of:

    3. Tollgate Crossing Metropolitan District #2 bi-monthly assessments (fees will be eliminated in Jan 2019, with an increase in Property Taxes covering all MD operating expenses).

    4. Clubhouse reservations and questions.

    5. Board of Directors monthly meetings.

    6. Common area landscape/property issues.

    7. Swimming Pool management.

    8. Official use of the Tollgate Crossing park.

    9. Common areas adjacent to the Murphy Creek Trail (a City of Aurora Multi-Purpose trail).

    10. Mowing and clearing snow from sidewalks in common areas (around mailbox clusters).

    1. What is the Tollgate Crossing HOA in charge of?

    2. An excellent question. New residents may be confused or uninformed about the differences between the Metro District and the various HOAs. Here’s a list of things that the Tollgate Crossing HOA is in charge of (note that other HOAs in Tollgate Crossing may be in charge of other things):

    3. Tollgate Crossing HOA assessments (Semi-annual payments)

    4. Trash service.

    5. Covenant enforcement.

    6. Design guidelines.

    7. Architectural review of exterior changes/upgrades to homes within the community.

    8. Paint colors/palettes; if residents re-paint other than original palette of the home.

    9. Overseeing/approving tree replacement and type in accordance with design guidelines/covenants. DRC review may be necessary if residents replace trees with a different type than the previous tree.

    10. Fencing standards (materials, colors/stains, where permitted).

    11. Overseeing/approving xeriscape and landscaping changes/upgrades on resident property.

    12. Other vehicle parking (on resident property): work vehicles, RVs, boats, trailers, inoperable vehicles.

    13. Basketball hoops and other external features of a resident’s home.

Tollgate Crossing HOA:

The Tollgate Crossing community’s (the largest community inside the Tollgate Crossing Metro District - 1021 homes) HOA is managed (as of 1 Aug, 2015) by AMI Advanced Management, LLC.

HOA Meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of  the month, at 7PM, in the community club house.

AMI Advanced Management, LLC, 12835 E. Arapahoe Rd, Suite 2 - 800, Centennial CO 80112. By appointment only

HOA/Community Manager: Katie Christopher - Ph 720-633-9722, email: <>

Client care staff answers all initial questions and engages the community manager as necessary.

HOA Board members: According to information noted on the HOA website (as of 4 Jul, 2018):

  1. HOA Board President: Tom Gillette (term exp: 2020)

  2. HOA Board Vice President: Liz Beerman (term exp: 2019)

  3. HOA Board Secretary/Treasurer: Renee Gordon (term exp: 2021)

  4. HOA Board Member: Jeff Wells (term exp: 2020)

  5. HOA Board Member: Shelly Gregory (term exp: 2019)

AMI Advanced Management, LLC website: <>

AMI Advanced Management, LLC Client Login: <>

Official Tollgate Crossing HOA website: <>

Note: If you are having problems getting ‘signed-up’ for your login with the new HOA management company’s website,  you may find my brief tutorial helpful: <>

Newbridge at Tollgate HOA:

Tollgate Crossing isn’t the only community inside the Tollgate Crossing Metro District. The second largest (245 homes when completed) community is Newbridge at Tollgate (represented by CAS (Colorado Association Services aka Associa) as of Dec 1st, 2017). This community is located in the North West corner of the Metro District (Filing 6). You can contact the HOA board by emailing: <>. The new HOA management company has specifically indicated that I am not allowed to post any of their contact information on my webpage. If you want any information about your HOA you will have to search for it on Google or Bing, or find their contact information some other way.

  1. Oakwood Homes at Tollgate:

  2. Tollgate Crossing isn’t the only community inside the Tollgate Crossing Metro District. The newest community is located in the North West corner of the Metro District (Filing 10), just east of the Newbridge community. This new community  has completed sales of all its homes (113 homes) in Tollgate Crossing. According to information I’ve received (confirmed (in Dec of 2017) by the builder and Newbridge HOA board), this new community has decided to join the Newbridge at Tollgate HOA.

Townhomes in Tollgate Crossing:

There are several Townhomes in Tollgate Crossing. The properties were purchased/developed by JMP Investors LLC (A Colorado registered company based in Sheridan, CO). The townhomes are being built by ‘Antero Homes’ and sold by Adrianne Geyer, Keller Williams Real Estate, LLC (ph: 720-435-8494/email: <>/web: <>) These townhomes are located inside the Newbridge at Tollgate Crossing community (Filing 6). Tollgate Crossing Townhomes Owners Association: Management provided by ‘Client Preference’ Community Professionals: <> HOA monthly fee takes care of maintenance of exterior painting, roofing, snow removal in the alleys, trash and building insurance. Townhomes Association Manager: Meg Asencio - Phone: 303-991-2770 (x224) / email: <>

Tollgate Crossing Metro District:

The Metro District management company (Clifton Larson Allen) handles many of the community common areas; including the community center, pool, entrance bridge/roads near Gun Club and Bellview.

Metro District Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of the month, at 6:30PM, in the community club house.

Clifton Larson Allen, 8390 E. Crescent Pkwy, Suite 500, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. Business hours 8:30AM - 5PM, Tollgate Crossing Metro District Management: Team phone number: 303-779-5710

Metro District Manager: Patrick Shannon - Ph 303-265-7998, email: <>

Metro District Assistant Manager: Wendi McLaughlin - Ph 303-265-7918, email: <>

Metro District Administrator: Stephanie Net - Ph 303-793-1404, email <>

Metro District Board members: According to latest meeting minutes available from CLA.

  1. Metro District Board President: Richard Martinez - <>

  2. Metro District Board Vice President: Shelly Gregory - email unavailable

  3. Metro District Board Secretary/Treasurer: Brian K. Matise - email: <>

  4. Metro District Board Assistant Secretary: Doug Webb - <>

  5. Metro District Board Assistant Secretary: Ryan Martin - email unavailable

Send email to the board - email: <>
Metro District Website: <>

  1. Tollgate Crossing Metro District Top Five Priorities for 2017: In Apr of 2017, our Metro District board expressed their top five priorities for 2017 (ref Apr 25, 2017 meeting minutes). Shown here with completion/status per email from Metro District board members (as of Jul 10, 2018):

  2. Tree replacement and landscaping issues - 100 trees were replaced (with 1 year warranty). There are still some additional trees that need replacing. Tree replacement/landscaping issues are an ongoing priority/concern.

  3. Completion of the Oakwood acquisition - The Metro District completed acquisition of Oakwood homes properties during 2017. Those properties are now part of the Metro District.

  4. Completion of the bond reissuance - According to MD Board member Brian Matise: “Bond financing for Oakwood was completed last year (a 5 year bond at a very low 2.25% interest rate was an amazing deal for the District).”

  5. Repair of the ET controllers by LandTech - ET controllers were repaired during 2017.

  6. Installation of the new tile in the Clubhouse - New tile was installed in the Clubhouse during 2017.

  7. Completion of the remaining land conveyances - The MD Board has done everything necessary, and signed all documents. At this point we are just waiting for the city of Aurora to formally transfer all remaining land tracts to the District. This should occur within the last few weeks of July 2018.

  8. Yes, I know this is six items. If you have questions about the Metro District’s top five priorities, I urge you to contact the Metro District board: <>

Tollgate Crossing Metro District Priorities for 2018: In July of 2018 I engaged members of our Metro District board in a discussion about the priorities for the District in 2018. In responding to questions about the 2017 priorities, the MD board President (Richard Martinez) had this to say (in July of 2018): “the 2018 Ballot 5A issue was the big push for the board.” (in 2017) “We also had the completion of the kiddie pool. The other big objective was to get the new landscape company on track to improve the landscaping while replacing trees and saving water.” “With these items completed as well as the 2017 items, I will ask the board for priorities going into 2019 as the metro district will start collecting its assessments through taxes.”

The Ballot 5A issue was a voter initiative (passed) to move from fee based collection of Metro District operating expenses to a tax based collection of operating expenses. This initiative is expected to save each homeowner approximately $576.00 per year (MD Fees will end in January of 2019, when collection switches to property taxes). See the Events page for more details and access to a presentation prepared by MD Secretary/Treasurer (Brian Matise).

Tollgate Crossing Metro District Top Five Priorities for 2019: In July of 2018 I engaged members of our Metro District board in a discussion about the priorities for the District in 2018. In responding to questions about the 2017 priorities, the MD board President (Richard Martinez) had this to say (in July of 2018): “Going into 2019 will be the first year the metro district may plan its budget with maintenance of the community in mind. By this I mean there will not be any big projects that need funding in 2019. The metro district will be able to save for capital improvements.” “Ideas that have been tossed around is a wish list of items that will make the community look better. Such as more xeriscaping or adding items to the Tollgate Crossing park. Of course community input will be needed on community improvements.”

  1. Tollgate Crossing landscapers: ColoradoScapes Inc. aka ColoScapes (Our community switched from LandTech (formerly BrightView) in January of 2018). For normal over/under watering, mowing/snow removal, normal landscape issues during weekday daytime hours, please contact Metro District Manager: Patrick Shannon - Ph 303-779-5710, email: <>. During emergency situations (i.e. broken sprinkler heads, busted irrigation lines) during weekends/holidays, please contact: Jake Willett, ph: 720-244-7834 or Ben Randell, ph: 303-519-6432

  2. Tollgate Crossing clubhouse: The Tollgate Crossing Metro District runs our clubhouse and pool:

  3. 24625 E. Bellewood Dr.  Aurora, CO 80016  The pool is only open during summer months. The clubhouse is available year round for rental/use by any resident(s) of Tollgate Crossing metro district (including the Tollgate and Newbridge communities within the Metro District).  Clubhouse rental information: $35.00 rental fee to rent Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday with a $100.00 refundable security deposit. $100.00 rental fee for Friday, Saturday or Sunday with a $300.00 refundable security deposit. Contact the Tollgate Crossing Metro District management, Intern: Jerel Sangster: Phone: 303-439-6058, email: <>

  4. Tollgate Crossing pool: The Tollgate Crossing Metro District runs our pool. Hours of operations (for summer of 2018) are: May 26 - Aug 12 (10am - 9pm daily) Aug 13 - Sep 3 (mon-fri 4pm - 8pm / Sat & Sun 10am - 8pm) Front Range Recreations has a webpage for our pool: <> The webpage has information about the pool and links to downloads: A swimming lesson flyer, pool rules (for our pool), and a pool party reservation  calendar: <>. For clubhouse reservations, contact Clifton Larson Allen/Tollgate Crossing Metro District Management: 303-779-5710. To arrange additional lifeguards for an event, or if you have any other questions about the pool operations, please contact Front Range Recreation: Phone: 303-617-0221, email: <>, the phone number at the pool is: 720-642-0156 (This is not a ‘CLA (MD Management) Emergency Contact Number’).

  5. Tollgate Crossing parks: The Tollgate Crossing Metro District maintains our neighborhood park:

  6. The ‘unofficially named’ Tollgate Crossing park is located at the intersection of S Catawba St and E Chenango Pl, between Tollgate Crossing filings 2 (south of the park) and filing 8 (north of the park). The park encompasses 6.75 acres of land. It contains a covered picnic area with tables, a small playground, outdoor amphitheater, volleyball pit and basketball court. There is parking for 45 vehicles in the parking lot. Use of the park is subject to Arapahoe County park regulations: <>. For safety reasons, residents are advised to only use the park between dawn and dusk. Anyone in the park before/after 0500am/1000pm is violating Arapahoe County rules and regulations. Tollgate Crossing park can be reserved for use through the Tollgate Crossing Metro District management office (see details below).

  7. Reserving the park: The park open area and gazebo can be reserved for large groups for $100.00 rental fee and a $300.00 security deposit (Note that no signs are posted to indicate a schedule of reservations, but those who rent the park will be provided with ‘reservation’ paperwork, to show that they have rented the park for an event at a specific date).  If you don’t want to rent/reserve the park it’s available for use on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. Note that reservation does not entitle your/your group to exclusive use of the playground, ball courts or the amphitheater; only the open space and gazebo. Other residents may still make use of the other facilities at the park.

  1. To reserve the park for a function, please contact the Tollgate Crossing Metro District management, Intern: Jerel Sangster: Phone: 303-439-6058, email: <>

  2. Other Parks in/around Tollgate Crossing:

  3. * Murphy Creek Trail:  A City of Aurora, multi-purpose trail (pedestrians, bicycles, pets, no unauthorized motorized vehicles) that runs north to south through our community. Murphy Creek Trail is maintained by the City of Aurora. The Metro District maintains some common areas adjacent to the trail, but the trail belongs to the City.

  4. * Appaloosa Park: A City of Aurora park, located at the intersection of S. De Gaulle St and E. Alexander Dr. (at the SW corner of our community) - 5575 S De Gaulle St, Aurora, CO 80016.

  5. * No-name City park: A City of Aurora park, located at the intersection of E. Belleview Ave. and E. Progress Dr. (Just south/across the street, from the Clubhouse) is currently in the planning stages. This Tollgate Crossing Neighborhood Park (future address: 24600 E. Belleview Ave, Aurora, CO 80016) will be constructed by the City of Aurora (should be completed sometime in 2019?). There have been community meetings to discuss plans and the upcoming construction, and there was an online survey where you could provide input. The survey is currently closed. A Map/Illustration of the future park was obtained from the county’s ArapaMap website/application.

  6. Tollgate Crossing Key Cards: In order to access/gain entry to the clubhouse or pool, residents will need a KEY CARD. In order to get a Key Card, residents should contact the Metro District management (see contact info above) and a key card can be mailed to the resident - Or (with advance notice), residents can pick up a pool card at the Metro District management office.  Note: You may need to bring a photo ID and some form of residency proof (such as a Water Bill - which indicates your place of residence/address) to the Metro District Management administrative offices located at: 8390 E. Crescent Pkwy - Suite 500, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, during business hours (8am - 5pm). One Key Card will be provided free of charge. Additional cards may be purchased for $25.00. For more information contact Tollgate Crossing Metro District management, Ph: 303-779-5710.

  7. If you rent the clubhouse, the Metro District management will update their records/key card software in order to allow access to the clubhouse using your Key Card (for the required period).  If you have additional questions about the Key Card, please contact Patrick Shannon: Ph 303-265-7998, email: <>

Community Documents:

Documents provided by the Tollgate Crossing HOA and Metro District. The following documents (in pdf format) are made available for download by current and prospective residents of Tollgate Crossing. Some documents may be password protected (Contact Community Manager if you don’t have the password required to view/open the document). As updates/more documents are made available, I’ll post them here. Note: As of 1 Aug, 2015, our community switched HOA management companies. As a result some of our ‘HOA’ documents will need to be updated by the new HOA. When they’ve been updated and made available to me, I will post the new documents. Until then, some documents will/may be out of date. Additionally, I’ve created ‘alternate’ documents while I wait to see whether the HOA will allow me to use their documents. Some documents may refer to the previous HOA (Clifton Larson Allen). Currently available documents:

  1. Tollgate Crossing Design Review Committee form: <drcform.pdf> Updated form requested 15 Aug, 2015.

  2. As of 19 Aug, 2015, The HOA will not allow posting of their form on my website, so I have created an ‘alternate’ form. There is no CCR/covenants requirement that Design Review requests be submitted on a specific form. This alternate form should be acceptable. I believe I’ve included all necessary information on the form. If you use this form and have issues with regard to the form itself please let me know. The ‘Official’ form can be obtained from the HOA’s website.

  3. Tollgate Crossing HOA Articles of Incorporation: <HOA_Articles_of_incorporation.pdf>

  4. Tollgate Crossing HOA Bylaws: <HOA_Bylaws.pdf>

  5. Tollgate Crossing HOA Landscaping and Design Guidelines: <Landscaping_design_guidelines.pdf>

  6. Tollgate Crossing HOA standards/policy regarding xeriscaping: <xeriscape_landscaping.pdf>

  7. Tollgate Crossing HOA Perimeter Fence Screening Policy: <perimeterfence.pdf>

  8. Tollgate Crossing HOA Policy for fences: <policyforfences.pdf>

  9. Clarification of fence maintenance guidelines: <fencemaintenanceguidelines.pdf>

  10. Tollgate Crossing HOA Approved Tree list: <approvedtreelist.pdf>

  11. Tollgate Crossing HOA landscaping enforcement: <landscape_enforcement.pdf>

  12. Tollgate Crossing HOA Exterior Paint Codes: <paintcodes.pdf> Last updated: 30 Oct, 2015

  13. Note that this Paint Codes document was created by me (see document for details) due to the lack of an official reference.

  14. In Oct of 2015, our HOA announced the availability of a ‘New! Updated Paint Color Book for Tollgate’. That document is maintained on a Sherwin-Williams website. For more information regarding ‘Paint Codes’ see my document referenced above: <>

  15. If you need a color matching service/tool, I found one that worked for me. Hopefully it’s still available:
    <> Enter your paint code/number/name, but don’t select a brand. The calculator will try to match the color for you.

  16. Tollgate Crossing HOA CCRs: <TollgateCCRs.pdf>

  17. Tollgate Crossing HOA policy regarding marijuana related activities: <marijuana-related-activities.pdf>

  18. Tollgate Crossing HOA policy regarding flags and political signs: <flagsandpoliticalsigns.pdf>

  19. Tollgate Crossing HOA policy regarding parking of emergency vehicles: <emergencyvehicleparking.pdf>

  20. Tollgate Crossing HOA covenant enforcement policy: <covenant_enforcement_policy.pdf>

  21. Tollgate Crossing HOA delinquencies and collections policy: <delinquency_collections_policy.pdf>

  22. Tollgate Crossing community street map: <tollgatecrossingstreetmap.png>

  23. Tollgate Crossing community filings/subdivisions map: <tollgatecrossing_filings.jpg>

  24. Tollgate Crossing community park map: <tgxpark2.jpg>

  25. Tollgate Crossing community: Lost you mailbox key? Here’s some info to help you: <mailboxcluster.pdf>

  26. Tollgate Crossing community: Waste Management schedule for 2018: <wm2018schedule.pdf>

  27. New developments at Sorrel Ranch (plans approved by city on 29 Apr 2014 (filing 9), and 20 Nov, 2014 (filing 10):

  28. Sorrel Ranch filing 09 (to South of Tollgate Crossing): <sorrelranch_filing09.pdf>

  29. Sorrel Ranch filing 10 (to South of Tollgate Crossing): <sorrelranch_filing10.pdf>

(Note: Documents preceded with the asterisk bullet are Authored, copyrighted and provided by me. They are not ‘official’ management documents. Whenever management produced documents are available, I encourage residents to use the ‘official’ documents)
If there are other Tollgate Crossing HOA/MD forms/documents that you would like to see posted here; if you see errors, or you have questions, please contact the Tollgate Crossing HOA/Community Manager: Katie Bikshaeva - Ph 720-633-9722, email: <>

Tollgate Crossing Design Review:

(This information/guidance applies to residents of Tollgate Crossing HOA. Please be sure to consult with your HOA for guidance)

Residents of Tollgate Crossing often have questions regarding the requirements for a ‘Design Review’ prior to making any changes or repairs to their property. Our community (Managed under the Tollgate Crossing HOA) expends considerable time, effort and expense processing Design Review requests through the course of a year. Many of those requests are unnecessary. The time and expense in processing some of these requests could be mitigated, if only the residents were better informed as to when a ‘Design Review’ is required. Here is some guidance designed to assist residents in making that decision.

Posted: 5 December, 2014. After a recent email exchange (between myself and HOA community manager Shannon Torgerson (on the 2nd of December, 2014) of CLA), I received some clarification regarding the requirements for ‘Design Review’ in our community. I asked “Do residents need to submit” a Design Review Committee form (see above) “for every ‘repair’ or ‘maintenance’ function they perform?”

The reply that I received included the following guidance from our HOA Board:

      “if owners are simply repainting using the existing color scheme they don’t have to submit.”

      “If an owner is just maintaining what is existing (no changes), no submittal is needed.”

The important part to consider when you’re deciding whether you need to submit a ‘Design Review’ request: “Change”. If you are repainting, but not changing the colors or scheme, then you don’t need to submit a ‘Design Review’ form.  If you’re upgrading something with a new style, design or color, or you’re adding something new that you didn’t have before, then you will need to submit a ‘Design Review’ form.

Any exterior ‘Change’ requires a ‘Design Review’ form. Once the form is submitted our community’s Design Review Committee will review your request and make a decision regarding your proposal. This review process is required before you can go ahead with any planned changes, upgrades or modifications.

Note that I am not a member of any HOA board or any community management company. I’m just a resident trying to share some of my experiences/some information with other residents. Hopefully this information will help you make sense of all those rules we have to abide by. - Robert Vaessen

If you have additional questions about whether a ‘Design Review’ form and decision is needed, please feel free to email our HOA management (see email addresses above) before you fill out and submit the required form(s).

Tollgate Crossing meeting minutes:
The companies that manage our HOA and Metro District have provided me with most of the meeting minutes from the Tollgate Crossing HOA and Metro District monthly meetings (The Metro District meeting minutes are public records). As a result, I am posting them here, so that residents (of the Metro District/Tollgate Crossing) can read them. Links to the documents (in PDF format) are posted here.

Metro District Minutes:

2018-01-23_regular.pdf, 2018-02-27_regular.pdf, 2018-03-27_regular.pdf, 2018-04-24_regular.pdf, 2018-05-22_regular.pdf, 2018-06-20_regular.pdf, 2018-07-24_regular.pdf 2018-08-28_regular.pdf

Tollgate Crossing HOA Minutes:

2017-10-18_regular.pdf, 2017-11-15_regular.pdf, 2018-01-17_regular.pdf, 2018-03-21_regular.pdf, 2018-04-18_regular.pdf, 2018-05-16_regular.pdf, 2018-06-26_special.pdf, 2018-08-15_regular.pdf

If you would like to see older minutes (going back to 2009), please contact me: <>.

Tollgate Crossing Social Committee:

Tollgate Crossing has established a resident run Social Committee.  The Social Committee is an informal organization that works with the community residents, HOAs and local businesses in order to make Tollgate Crossing a better place to live, a vibrant living community with a thriving social scene. The committee will be organizing a few events throughout the year, and these events will be posted on our ‘Events’ page. If you’d like to volunteer, or have a few questions, please contact the social committee chair person - Troy Wilkerson:

Social Committee, email: <>

Waste Management / Trash disposal in Tollgate Crossing:

Trash disposal and recycling pick-up in Tollgate Crossing is contracted out (by the Tollgate Crossing HOA) to Waste Management of Englewood, CO. If you live in an area managed by the Tollgate Crossing HOA (Not Newbridge at Tollgate HOA), your trash pickup occurs on Tuesday. Recyclables are picked up on every other Tuesday (as of 28 Aug, 2016). If you have questions about trash pick-up, would like a replacement trash bin or a recycling bin, please contact Waste Management.  You can call them at: 303-797-1600 or email them at: <>. They also have a website with lots of information: <>

  1. Reporting Illegal dumping in Tollgate Crossing:

  2. Trash disposal and recycling pick-up in Tollgate Crossing is contracted out (by the Tollgate Crossing HOA) to Waste Management of Englewood, CO. Unfortunately, residents aren’t the only ones dumping trash in our community. Occasionally, you may spot a pile of trash, discarded appliances, a Christmas tree, or some old furniture on a dead-end road, or on the shoulder of S. Harvest Rd. When you see this discarded trash/illegal dumping, please report it to the City (Aurora) or County (Arapahoe) for pickup. If the trash is inside the Tollgate Crossing boundary, you can report it by way of Access Aurora: <> (If you experience issues with their form - some browser compatibility problems have been reported - please try using a different browser) or call: 303-739-7000. If the trash is outside Tollgate Crossing - Perhaps it’s on the side of the road near the power lines on S. Harvest Rd? Please contact the County’s Public Works department to remove the trash: <> report the illegal dumping as a ‘Trash Removal’ issue. If you have problems with the form, you can call: 720-874-6500

Tollgate Crossing Business Directory / The Tollgate Crossing Bulletin Boards:
With a need for a persistent place to exchange community related information and engage in ongoing conversations, I created a set of bulletin boards for the Tollgate Crossing community. The bulletin boards are a web based place where residents, family and friends can discuss matters relevant to our community. I set up four broad categories for discussions: Classifieds, Events, Talk, and Meta. The bulletin boards are free to use, and I hope they facilitate more communication and a broader sense of community in Tollgate Crossing. Please feel free to sign up today. Tell your neighbors, family and friends. Chat it up in the Tollgate Crossing bulletin boards. Web page: <>. Yes, we have a few Bulletin Board rules: <>

Southeast Aurora Neighborhood Watch:

(Serving Beacon Point, Blackstone, Creekside Eagle Bend, Fieldstone, Heritage Eagle Bend, Inspiration, Ponderosa Ridge, Saddle Rock - North, Saddle Rock - South, Serenity Ridge, Sorrel Ranch, Southshore, Tallyn’s Reach, Tollgate Crossing, Wheatlands and Whispering Pines).

Head Area Coordinator: Jennifer Dubrow, Ph 720-771-7848, email: <>

  1. Neighborhood Watch website:

  2. Sign up for our Neighborhood Watch mailing list (It’s a broad-area mailing list for all of the SE Aurora area): <>

  3. Sign up for our Tollgate Crossing Neighborhood Watch mailing list (It’s a bit more focussed on Tollgate Crossing): <>

Aurora Police Dept:

15001 E. Alameda Pkwy: Non emergency phone number: 303-627-3100

Our Police Area Representative (We’re in District 3 / Area 26) - Officer Eric Trap, Ph. 303-627-3177, email <>

Aurora Police Neighborhood Watch page:

Report Graffiti:

The goal of the Arapahoe Sheriff’s Office is to remove graffiti within one week of being reported. Citizens are encouraged to report graffiti on public property by contacting the Sheriff’s Office at 303-795-4711. Or Aurora PD at 303-739-6063. Individuals providing information that result in the arrest and conviction of those responsible for graffiti vandalism in the City of Centennial and Arapahoe County may be eligible for monetary awards.

Aurora Fire Dept:

15151 E. Alameda Pkwy: Non emergency phone number: 303-326-8999

Hazardous materials disposal:

Aurora residents can safely dispose of hazardous materials by calling: 1-800-449-7587 to schedule curbside pick up at a cost of $15.00.

Stray Animals:

Report stray dogs, cats or other pesky varmints by calling Aurora’s animal care/control at: 303-326-8288

Watering/Lawn Permits:

Need a permit to install new sod, or a residential irrigation system? Call Aurora’s Water Conservation Office: 303-739-7351. Or use their online permit applications service: <> See someone flooding their yard, violating the watering restrictions, or some sort of broken irrigation system? Please try to contact your neighbor/our landscapers (see above), the HOA management (see above) or Metro District (see above). If that doesn’t work, you could report it to the Water Conservation hotline: 303-739-7195

Building/Zoning Codes:

Need a building permit or inspection for that basement project? Call: 303-739-7420. Aurora’s building and zoning codes are online in an online database: <> or, you view a page which displays many of  the more common Neighborhood Zoning Codes: <>

Street Light Outages:

Report street light outages to Excel. You can use their website: <> or, you can call them directly: 1-800-895-4999

Damage to streets in Tollgate Crossing:

All the roads/streets in Tollgate Crossing are maintained by the Aurora department of Public Works / Street Services. If you notice a pothole, sinkhole, broken curbs, or other damage to the roads in our community, please contact the city public works department:

Phone: 303-326-8200, email: <>

Aurora online multi-purpose contact form:

An online form that you can use to report all kinds of non-emergency activities, request information, or leave comments. Questions or comments, unlicensed/illegally parked vehicles, graffiti, dilapidated structures, potholes and street maintenance, weeds and tall grass, trash & debris / illegal dumping, missing or obstructed traffic signs, and many other issues. <> (If you experience issues with this form - some browser compatibility problems have been reported - please try using a different browser)

Additional Aurora phone numbers:

Access Aurora - The City’s customer service, information and call center - One of the few places you can still call and be greeted by a person instead of a machine: Ph 303-739-7000

The mission of Access Aurora is ‘to provide information about the city to citizens, take calls regarding code enforcement violations and neighborhood concerns, and be a resource for services available to our citizens and visitors.’

Access Aurora web contact form: <> Frequently requested phone numbers can be found on the Aurora Government web site: <>


Community Information

This page will be used to maintain some important names, numbers, and information for residents of our community. Information you can use to help keep our community safe and secure. Some numbers are intended for residents of Tollgate Crossing, while others are intended for residents of the greater South East Aurora community.